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I don’t know what I just did to the full intent…I was on vacation and I was talking to my girlfriend and I couldn’t really talk to her because of my parents don’t know that I’m gay or even that I have a girlfriend. Well my parents think she’s my “bestfriend” so she chill all the time, hangout and sleepovers……Fast forward I was upset because she wasn’t talking to me because she was upset about the fact that my parents rule me even tho I’m adult, I know that I am grown I respect them as my parents tho so I try to do things that will make them happy. I could tell that she was upset, and I didn’t want her thinking because I’m with my parents and I don’t want them to know I’m on the phone with her all the time that I’m ashamed of us or her because that surely not the case. So I ended up coming out to my parents which is bad I guess because my mom is a minster and my dad is a deacon about to become a mister and they don’t like gay people,rainbows or any of that shit. So they were mad and they weren’t accepting which was something I already knew was coming, I’m just sick of hiding who I am and who I love because that isn’t fair for the both of us. I needed to set my parents straight in a sense because I want them to respect my girlfriend and us as a couple…..okay here’s the problem tho ready!? My mom said she doesn’t condone this and that she doesn’t know about her coming over and spending the night and all the jazz. Its not like we are doing anything anyway we are respectful of her and her house….so I was saying she could sleep in my bed and ill take the couch…I just want to spend time with my girlfriend and be the way we were before but I don’t think that my parents are going to allow that and now it making me think regret it, I shouldn’t have never came out….all that’s running through my mind is “What have I done”….my gf knows how my parents are especially my mom and she is a little hesitant about everything. This isn’t what I wanted I wanted us to be able to be open and free and not hide anymore and now I feel like we have to hide more now then we did in the damn closet. Talk to me, Give me your input I need help, Help me ??

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"I believe that marriage isn’t between a man and a woman, but between Love and Love" amen.

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Whats been up w/ me lately if anyone cares to know….

So I’m coming to a place where I don’t know if I strong enough to do this anymore, I’m sick of hiding who I am and I’m sick of hiding who I love….Being me is all I want to be… and to top is all off anorexia is eating away at my life…I just sick of coping and not living. The battle is real and my mind is winning! ….Nowadays I spend most of my time in a dark room crying and sleeping…I want to be left alone, but not alone if that makes sense….Late night thinking? :/

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Amber’s grad party 👌👯💃🎈💋


Exactly why I can never fall asleep at night.

Last night grad party w/ my girl rav 😜👌👯

Grad party 👌👯🎓